Confetti Kids Carpets: Essential for Kids’ Rooms

By 13 April 2019 No Comments

Quality Guaranteed

Eko-Tex Standard 100 certified Confetti Kids Carpets are essential for your children’s rooms regarding quality and safety. Colorful designs aim to attract attention and help with creativity!

Teflon Coated

Confetti Kids Carpets are teflon coated and that’s how they stay clean; they prevent dirt on the surface and thus help keep away unhealthy dust. If you spill anything on your carpet don’t worry because the coating will keep the roots clean. Confetti Kids Carpets are much more easier to clean than other carpets.

Soft Tissue

Kids fall a lot and Confetti Kids Carpets are designed in accordance to that fact. Providing a soft tissue, our carpets aim to prevent injuries and protect your kids. With Confetti Kids Carpets, your children will be in safe hands.

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